Stay on track. Better communication. Better supervision. 
Grad students need an app built for their journey. 

Prograds lets students and supervisors input events, complete milestones, and record funding. For the program, it makes tracking progress so much smoother.

Let's face it... Information about grad students' progress and funding is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Prograds solves that problem.

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Faculty Dashboard

I built Prograds after 20 years of supervising grad students. 

I got frustrated with the inefficiencies in department record-keeping, poor communication with students, and even worse communication with my colleagues about grad student progress.

I always thought our students could progress better if we had a single source of up-to-date information about each student, available anytime, anywhere to all of the key people, especially the students themselves! Oh, and email reminders for milestones and requirements coming due. 

There wasn't any app out there, so a faculty member had to build it.

- Fred Cutler, Assoc. Prof. of political Science, UBC - Vancouver

Are we really still tracking grad students with shared spreadsheets, emails, and annual forms?

Administrators and faculty and students should be able to see the student's progress page...

  • what they're working on 
  • what milestones or requirements are due soon or overdue
  • what courses they've taken
  • what financial package they have
  • what teaching they're doing
  • whether they've taken their exams
  • who's on the committee

Everyone should just get email reminders when milestones, requirements,
funding, and reference letters are due. Right?

Prograds simply makes things easier for students, faculty, and administrators

Faculty Dashboard

For Faculty Members

A dashboard of all your students with their latest milestones and what they're working on currently. Plus a feed of all your students' events.

One central record for each student. You don't have to ask the student or administrators for the information you need to help the student progress.

The feature I like best as a supervisor is the "Working On" area so I'm totally up to speed before I meet a student.

Admin View

For the Department

Easy access to all the things you currently keep track of in shared spreadsheets.  Automatic reminders for students. Find students about to miss milestone deadlines. A roll-up of TA and RA assignments and financial support. Send emails to any filtered subset of students. An editable, exportable summary table of all your students' milestones and requirements and funding.

You define program stages, milestones, and requirements with ideal dates and deadline dates that flow to students based on their program entry date. Magic! 

This is a big part of the work of the department. We need a cloud application that's built for how departments manage grad student progress, not just for the formal record-keeping required by the Graduate School.

For Students

Rest easy that your supervisor and committee know what you're up to. When you meet with them, they'll have your Student Page up so you start without a long update.

You see what they see on your progress page. And YOU get to input data: completion of milestones and requirements, events like conferences and publications, and you indicate what you're working on.

Say goodbye to those befuddled emails from your committee about whether you're TA-ing, when you're coming back from field work, what lab you're a member of, whether you have financial support for next year, and so on.  They can find out easily all by themselves!

Student Page

A video tour from the Prograds founder

Prograds has just been released.  If you're a student, check out our referral program pinned at the top of our Twitter account.

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